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We are a Special-Lite Dealer!

  Russell Security specializes in Door Replacement and Repair. We have multiple types of doors available for every facility and unique situation.


  SL-17 Door is a proven choice for K-12 Schools, Public buildings, Sports complexes, Water, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, and other applications that quickly damage or destroy lesser doors. The SL-17 is maintenance-free, dent and graffiti resistant doors for high traffic, high abuse areas.  The door has passed industry-standard tests including; impact tests, air leakage and thermal transmittance tests, hurricane testing, and sound transmission tests. Available in many colors & textures.  


  AF-100 is the only door manufactured using the pultrusion process: This process produces an all fiberglass corrosion-resistant, smooth-faced door with incredible strength. AF-100 has a fully sealed panel that is easy to clean and sanitize.

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