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We are a Special-Lite Dealer.

  Russell Security specializes in Door Replacement and Repair. We have multiple types of doors available for every facility and unique situation.

SL-17 Special-lite door

  SL-17 Door is a proven choice for K-12 Schools, Public buildings, Sports complexes, Water, and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, and other applications that quickly damage or destroy lesser doors. The SL-17 is maintenance-free, dent and graffiti resistant doors for high traffic, high abuse areas.  The door has passed industry-standard tests including; impact tests, air leakage and thermal transmittance tests, hurricane testing, and sound transmission tests. Available in many colors & textures.  


  AF-100 is the only door manufactured using the pultrusion process: This process produces an all fiberglass corrosion-resistant, smooth-faced door with incredible strength. AF-100 has a fully sealed panel that is easy to clean and sanitize.

AF-100 Special-lite door
Door replacement Basix Door

  BasiX Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester door is a durable, money-saving solution to replacing old rusty, hollow metal doors. BasiX doors allow simple replacement of existing doors if the frame is still in good working condition.

  Designed for Restaurant, Retail, Maintenance, Utility services doors. Also great for Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities.

Turning Windows into Entry Doors. 

School Door Conversion.jpg
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Beautiful Church Entry Door Replacement:

Church door replacement

We install Restroom Partitions, click pictures to see more. 

Restroom Partitions
Bathroom Partitions
Restroom Partitions
Restroom Partitions
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