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Electronic Access Control

Card reader for Card Access control

  Electronic Access Control makes it easy to manage who and when a person is authorized to enter a building or room. It provides keyless entry, which includes the ability to monitor and audit access to the property, key boxes, and IT data racks to name a few. 

  Examples of uses for Electronic Access Control beyond the basic keyless entry function include support for Human Resource Departments, with the ability to generate attendance records or unauthorized access attempts. Vendor management, allowing your cleaning or delivery services entry only at specified times, or to specific locations. 



  With Electronic Access Control, you can deploy multiple types of credentials: Standard key card, fob, access code, or mobile device. The data can be hosted by the controller or a local database, providing access from a PC or mobile device using a web browser or access client. 

  Electronic Access Control also saves time and money managing a lost or stolen credential as it affords you the ability to simply disable it. No need to re-key a lock or entire property. 

  Our solutions require no monthly or annual fees. 

Cards for Card access

Cards for Access

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Mobile Credentials

Key fob for electronic access

Fobs for Access

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