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Rekey & Locking Hardware

Running a business can be an expensive proposition; however, building security is not a place where it is wise to cut corners.  A company can realize substantial savings without compromising security if they rekey, rather than replace locks when the circumstances demand it. 

Locking Hardware
Locking Hardware.jpg
Keypad access
Wireless lock

Have the confidence and peace of mind that you can account for every key that accesses your building or facility. Rekey the existing locks to a new key. This renders the old keys inoperable. Rekeying the existing locks is a cost-effective solution to replacing the entire lock. If some existing locks are reaching the end of their life cycle, locks may be able to be repaired or replaced. 

Compromising Security is Not an option!

Our qualified technician will walk you through the most cost-effective solution to secure your property.

locking hardware
Locking hardware
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