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Residential Services

House lockout
House Lockout

Locked out of your house, we can help! Call us at 763-682-1253.

Locks change or repair
Locks Change/Repair

Locks on your doors falling apart, don't latch properly, or would like all locks to appear the same color and style? Russell Security can help you with solutions to all of those problems.


Are you tired of fumbling keys to get into your home? One key for the top lock, a different key for the bottom lock, and possibly a different key say for your garage service door. We can key all your locks to just one key if existing locks allow. 

Electronic locks and key pads
Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Say goodbye to lost, stolen, and just plain forgotten keys. Russell Security offers Keypads and Electronic Locks. Type in a code and let the lock electronically open for you. 

duplicate keys
Duplicate Keys

Have a key that you need a duplicate of? We have a wide range of keys in inventory. 

Custom Surveillance systems
Custom Surveillance Systems

We offer a doorbell camera that connects to your existing doorbell. You can see who is at your front door throughout the day. When someone rings that doorbell you can speak to them, even when you are away from home.

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