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Restroom Partitions

The solutions for your commercial bathrooms.

bathroom partitions before new install

Our bathroom partitions are designed with consideration for the user.

  • No sightlines- meaning the most privacy

  • Cleanability

  • Durability

bathroom partitions after install
bathroom partitions before new install
Bathroom partitions after new install

  Special-lite restroom stall doors ensure maximum privacy through the use of a continuous hinge and doorstop. A full-length corner and wall bracket helps eliminate sightlines while increasing the structural integrity of the stall. 


  A key point when it comes to cleanability is the added protection from those nasty germs that can hang out on surfaces. Vigilant clean-up will easily remove permanent marker and spray paint, even when using green cleaners.    Because the panels are impervious to water, they can't rust or swell and delaminate, hose-down cleaning is no problem either. 


  Custom fabricated from each order, they're remarkably durable and withstand mistreatment and willful abuse. 

  These partitions win the battle against graffiti, scratches, and abuse. Saving you time, reducing maintenance costs, and keeping repairs as simple as wiping the surfaces. 

Bathroom Partitions in stock color choices
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